What is music Therapy?

Music therapy is a form of therapy involving individualized methods of singing, dancing, or playing along with music in order for the patient to express their feelings. The therapist examines the patient and determines which sorts of music the patient reacts to in a positive manner and then helps the patient demonstrate their thoughts through activities involving those kinds of music.

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Our Mission

Tune of Life is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading music therapy and its knowledge in hopes of providing people with an alternate form of healing.

How We Started
- From Founder Trinav Chaudhuri

In 2019, the average American listened to about 27 hours of music a week. It can be reasonably inferred that the majority of the music was listened to as a form of entertainment. However, music can be used for many other things other than simply pleasure.

Music therapy is an amazing form of healing with no given side effects. However, since it is not as common as other methods of recovery, the knowledge of music therapy is not very widespread.

Tune of Life was founded in order to share with all of those we interact with exactly what music therapy is and its benefits. We hope to spread knowledge of music therapy and make it apparent that music can be used for things other than simply entertainment.

Major Interventions of Music Therapy

There are many different kinds of music therapy involving singing, dancing, and playing music.
The 4 main interventions are listed below.


Lyric Analysis

The patient is given different lyrics relating to his or her life or current situation and is told to offer their opinion and thoughts on the song in order to express their thoughts or what they’re feelings.


Improvisation Music Playing

A group of patients plays random noises w percussive instruments in order to make a barrage of music. They then discuss the patterns of the music in order to talk about their feelings.


Active Music Listening

The therapist starts with music to match the patient’s current emotional state and slowly changes it to a more and more positive piece of music.



The lyrics to a song written by a patient can help express what the patient is truly feeling.

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