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Introducing Our Leadership Team


My name is Trinav, and I'm the founder and president of Tune of Life and we have an exiciting announcement! Today we're going to be introducing our leadership team. Our team consists of 6 individuals from Monta Vista High School who share interests in music and helping others and the joint interest led all of us to stumble upon music therapy.

Our vice president is rising junior Anushka De who has been playing the piano for 12 years and is also part of her school journalism team. Our director of communications is Arul Trivedi, another avid piano player and computer science enthusiast. Our director of outreach is Riya Ravuri, who is very interested in biology and enjoys listening to music in her free time. Tejas Bharadwaj, our director of media, has been playing the Carnatic violin for 8 years and is also a budding computer scientist. And last but not least, our director of broadcasting is Siddhartha Mishra who enjoys coding and watching old movies in his free time.

More information on each of the leadership team members can be found on the About Us page in our Meet the Leadership section.

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