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Volunteering at City Team Shelter

Today we went to the City Team Men’s Shelter located in San Jose. We helped cook dinner for the residents and also the homeless who come to the shelter for meals only. We started off by cutting numerous vegetables such as cucumbers, eggplants, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and many more kinds. There were many vegetables cut so we remained cutting vegetables for the majority of the session until they gave us a break.

After the break, we helped make trays for each of the twenty-five residents by giving them each a piece of salmon, some rice, some salad, the vegetable mix, and some Hollandaise sauce. After the residents finished eating, we made many more trays, about 150 or so, for the homeless who would be coming shortly to eat dinner. The homeless trays were a little different as they had a cupcake on them as well. Once they came in, we helped hand trays to each of them. About fifteen minutes after we started serving the homeless, the main person running the kitchen said they could come back for seconds after which, we helped serve more food to whoever wanted it, depending on what they asked for. For example, they could have seconds and even thirds for most things but we were instructed to not give seconds of salmon because although it was in high demand, they didn’t have as much of it as the other stuff. Once everyone finished eating, we helped clean up the kitchen and returned home.

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