An article published by the American Psychological Association describing a study performed by researchers at Beth Israel Medical Center's Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine.

16 Nov

Sutter Health is a non-profit health organization headquartered in Sacramento, CA with more than 200 clinics in Northern California. They have an extensive music therapy program along with nearly 100 years of medical care experience.

A Texas based music therapy clinic that has been around since 1990 offering both virtual and in-person music therapy consultations.

An article from Harvard medical school giving a general rundown on the positive effects of music therapy.

An article written by Cathy Wong of VeryWellMind describing what music therapy is, how a typical session works, and how it can help patients.

Paradigm Treatment is a treatment center dedicated to helping individuals through numerous forms of therapy including music therapy, recreational therapy, spiritual health, and numerous other kinds.

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